FOMO is the Fear Of Missing Out. FOMO has been found to drive feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, and stress as individuals strive harder and harder to do everything, for fear that they’ll miss out on an experience, a connection, or a positive emotion.

FOMO is more appearance focused and driven. It has us doing activities so that we're seen in the “right” situations; perceived as the “perfect” parents; partaking in “appropriate” activities. JOMO is more focused on being in situations that make us genuinely happy; embracing imperfection and being mindful of each moment we have (both difficult and easy); and partaking in activities that we legitimately enjoy.

JOMO encourages us to focus on our needs, desires, and choices that increase our energy and enjoyment of life. JOMO ask us to slow down and relishing each moment, rather than rushing from one activity to the next, scared that we’ll miss something.

To assist in moving from FOMO to JOMO I would suggest beginning small with one or two daily practices:

  1. Mindful Meditation - Try an app like Headspace or Calm. You could also check out Youtube, there are a slew of meditation videos there!

  2. Spend a small amount of time away from social media and electronics.

  3. Reconnect with nature, go for a walk around the block, or through the park.

  4. Connect, face-to-face, with a friend and actively listen to them.

  5. Write a journal entry.

  6. Sit with your emotions and just notice them.

If you do these regularly you will begin to notice your thoughts slow down and your anxiety decrease. With these small changes FOMO will become less present and JOMO will begin to flourish!